Interaction with the World (Inside-Out and Outside-In)

Our mind and the world have constant interactions in the same way as we breathe. The process of drawing forth our inner aspirations to the outer world is called Inside-Out. In contrast, the process of results appeared in the outer world to jump into our inner world is called Outside-In.

We live our life by achieving work one by one and creating various human relationships with friends and family. As we do so, we present to the world visions and aspirations we have inside of us to give an influence on the world. This process is called Inside-Out.

Once we have done Inside-Out, its results will always come back to us. It is called Outside-In.

By repeating the processes of Inside-Out and Outside-In, our mind continues its interactions with the world.

In addition, the more we influence the world, in other words, the harder becomes the force of Inside-Out, the harder becomes the impact of Outside-In that comes from the world.

For example, when we set a higher goal, the possibility of receiving the results of “No” from the world also becomes higher. If we try to do something in a different way, we might face rejections from those who are involved.

At such times, however, if we can firmly accept such response from the world, cultivate wisdom and work hard, and repeat the processes of Inside-Out and Outside-In without giving up, we will be able to realize our aspirations in this world and create a new reality.

Source of reference:
2016 Youth Seminar “We Can Change the Future: Interaction with the World That Realizes Aspirations” (Lecture DVD and CD)