Hat of Spells

All of us live in accordance with the ways of thinking, values, beliefs and assumptions that have been created through our birth and upbringing. In other words, it is as if we live our lives wearing a Hat of Spells that whisper those spells to ourselves.

All of us absorb external thoughts, such as values, premises, and frames of reference that flow into us from our environment such as our parents, region, era, and society through our birth and upbringing. Of course, there are cases where we oppose those thoughts, but we are still greatly influenced by them, nonetheless.

“There is no point if I don’t achieve good work results,” “I prefer a person who leads me even if they are a bit forceful,” “It is better not to be particular about details,” and so on. All of us begin our lives from the point where we are bound by these kinds of spells that we have absorbed in life. This is what we call the Hat of Spells.

We cannot live a real life while wearing a Hat of Spells. This is because when we are wearing the hat, we think and act as the spells tell us to, without being aware. Furthermore, we will end up unable to find out what we really feel or what we really wish.

In order to take off the Hat of Spells, we must nurture the Power to Know Oneself. It is by knowing how our mind has been created, and by taking on the challenge of stopping the ways of life which we have unconsciously repeated, that we can become free from the spells of the Hat of Spells.

Source of reference:

Prologue, Chapter 1 – 3 of “The Power to Know Oneself” (preliminary translation)