Emotional Script

An emotional script is when our delusions balloon up based on our assumptions and speculations without touching upon reality as it is. It keeps going around in circles like a loop, creating imaginary stories one after another in our mind.

Emotional scripts are written inside our mind (emotions and thoughts) and make our mind out of control.

Different people have different ways of writing one’s emotional scripts. People with the self-deprecating, pain-lethargy tendency receive signs of obstacles from the situation, become pessimistic thinking, “It’s all over,” and give up. People with the pain-reckless tendency who have a strong sense of victimhood find signs of malicious intent in the situation, amplify discontent, anger and hostility, and repeat attacking and fighting. People with the pleasure-lethargy tendency who easily fall into self-satisfaction by seeing signs of “no problem” in the situation and optimistically receive it, create realities of stagnation. People with the overconfident, pleasure-reckless tendency only see signs of success in the situation and end up becoming self-righteous. None of these tendencies can create transformations of light from the situation.

Also, emotional scripts are connected, in our deeper part, to karma, our soul’s weaknesses and immaturities. We receive dark energy from karma and amplify our scripts more and more. We unknowingly build the relationship between our mind and reality, creating the same old repetitions or undesired dead ends in life. In other words, emotional scripts are the scripts for dark transformations of life, and we cannot live a new life unless we escape these emotional scripts.

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