Dark Destiny Force and Bright Destiny Force

In this world, there are two forces at work: the dark destiny force, which creates stagnation and confusion and leads to a dark transformation of reality, and the bright destiny force, which leads to harmony and development and transforms realities into light. The cause which creates these two forces lies in our mind and soul.

The dark destiny force is a force that creates realities of dark transformation such as pain, confusion, stagnation, and destruction in the world. And this dark destiny force functions like invisible air in our workplaces, homes, and various other places

When you are in the dark destiny force, the following five signs will appear: vicious cycles in which bad conditions are repeated; sudden dark transformations in which sudden obstacles and problems appear; negative causation in which problems scatter about to various places; complicated histories which force us to give up due to overly complicated past histories; and low vitality where our vitality withers, causing stagnation.

The bright destiny force is a force that transforms situations into light, leading realities to joy, harmony, vitality, and creation.

When the bright destiny force is at work, we feel more connected to our surroundings and the world around us, we have a more solid center in our mind and become un-swayed by trials or circumstances. In addition, even in the midst of desperate times, someone will appear to help us, or a path will open up unexpectedly.

If our mind remains engulfed in the dark destiny force, we will create realities of dark transformation in the world. However, if we engage in the situation with Bodaishin, we will be able to bring forth the bright destiny force and create realities of light transformation in the world.

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