Cycle of Actualization

The cycle of actualization is for solving problems or trials by continually rotating the cycle of foresight wisdom → implementation → hindsight wisdom and by connecting the mind and reality. It is also the wisdom to make our own souls evolve and develop.

Foresight wisdom is to prepare for situations that are coming from the future with fully exerting our wisdom. Specifically, we make clear what kind of aspiration or purpose with which we will face the situation and clarify the current state of that situation. And we look into our minds in relation to the current situation, firmly set a mindset to confront the situation, and get all the necessary conditions and preparations (action program) ready. We can work on this foresight wisdom with the Wisdom Sheet.

Next, we take actions (implementation) based on the aspiration and action program that we set through foresight wisdom.

Furthermore, through hindsight wisdom, we reflect back on the outcome that was produced by the result of implementation. If the situation became a transformation of darkness, we draw the cause to ourselves and try to understand our themes that were manifested there. Or, if the transformation of light was brought about, we direct our attention to the blessings we received, with which we were led to the transformation of light. Then we link this hindsight wisdom to the next foresight wisdom.

In this way, by continually rotating the cycle of actualization, we will be able to know the relationship between mind and reality and head toward the development of our souls. The cycle of actualization is a method unique to the Study of the Soul which perceives the reality produced and our minds in a multi-dimensional way. It is completely different from the POCA cycle (management method for the control and continuous improvement of processes and products) which only covers the dimension of reality.

Source of reference:

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