Introduction to the Study of the Soul 161

Introduction to the Study of the Soul 161

The Path of Creation I

Keiko Takahashi

The Significance of Life

Choosing a View of Humanity and the World that sees human beings as souls and beginning to live that way opens up a completely different feeling within us than when we had been living in the world without much consideration about this.

The first step in this process is to perceive human beings as souls. Just with that first step, our world will be rewritten considerably.

We as souls, are beings that come and go between two worlds: The World of Real Existence, the original hometown of the soul, and the World of Phenomena, where a soul meets its physical body, in which there exist concrete things and forms.

We begin living the three dimensions of soul, mind, and reality for the first time by being born with a physical body in the World of Phenomena. As the mind has the function of connecting the energy of our soul to the dimension of reality, we will be able to transform the energy in our soul into actual reality through our minds. In other words, only when a human being is given a theater stage called life, can they become able to express what is inside them to the outside world for the first time.

In the World of Real Existence (which has multiple levels according to energy), each soul exists in one of the levels appropriate to the energy level that it holds. In each level, the surrounding energy there is homogeneous, and one feels no discomfort. Therefore, if we are in a homogeneous dimension, it is not easy to be aware of one’s own nature.

To begin with, the energy of the soul is hard to be described in its original form. It can be said that it is not clear what kind of energy is inherent within a soul, and what kind of property that energy contains.

By being born in the World of Phenomena and through living our life, we will come to know the concrete outline of the energy stored in our soul.

The most straightforward process is to show our feelings and thoughts as actions and to give form to our notions. The reality that emerges there will be a clear proof of our inner energy.

Using the reality that appears there as a clue, we can gaze at the state of our inner energy of light and that of darkness, which includes Bonno*1 that has become formed in our minds, and even our soul’s aspiration*2 and karma*3 that the soul has harbored from the beginning.

If we truly want to know our own soul, it will be clearly shown by accepting everything we have created throughout our lives and all the reality born outside.

Humans Who Amplify Light and Darkness

In the Study of the Soul*4, the basic idea that “the World of Phenomena is the training place of the soul” also concurs with the significance of life that we have just confirmed.

Because we are born on earth with a physical body, we can refine our souls through our experiences of various events there, and through encountering various trials in the actual world we can find and work on the themes that our souls hold.

On the other hand, if we look at this fact from a different perspective, we can express it as follows.

It is the encounter of the soul with the body that results in the emergence of a human being with a mind, which in the earthly world, creates a new dynamism of energy in the inner and outer dimensions that interpenetrates each other.

Humans not only manifest their inner wishes and thoughts in the outer world, but they also perceive the outer reality, and they are moved, at times become indignant, or discover a truth they were not aware of before. By doing so, they generate a new inner energy that they can utilize for the next creation.

Having transformed our inner energy into an outer reality, we can now perceive the reality that has appeared outside, and then bring it back to our inside once more. We sense and perceive the reality that has appeared outside, mull over our various thoughts and feelings about it, make a new judgment, and again work from our inside to outside….

In this way, we move back and forth between the two dimensions, from inside to outside, from outside to inside, and from inside to outside again, and so on. By repeating this process we become aware of the energy we have, and also at the same time, we will create new realities both inside and outside and a new state of mind, which have never existed before.

They all happen because of the World of Phenomena where the inner and outer dimensions, the spiritual and material worlds intersect, and that would never happen without the existence of human beings that connect the two dimensions and the two worlds.

Moreover, for that reason, a tremendous amount of realities of light and darkness that have not appeared in the world before will be created around us human beings.

There are good and bad aspects of civilizations that human beings have created. The negative themes of poverty, disease, and war, against which mankind has been fighting since the creation of the world, are also revealing the prominent contrast of light and darkness of human civilization.

Both the light of the dedication of many medical personnel in the COVID-19 pandemic from 2020, and the darkness of the brutality of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, are the very manifestation of light and darkness of human civilization. The theme of the conflict between light and darkness always shadows us human beings.

What is certain is that what humans create becomes something that has a significant impact on the world in this way. At times, it has the power to remold the world drastically in the direction of light or in the direction of darkness.

We humans are not beings who leave the world untouched. For better or worse, we are beings who connect the inner and outer dimensions and transform the world into a new state.

The “Human Mission” to Turn Darkness into Light

This is why we must always cultivate the ability to discriminate in terms of what we humans do, in our influence of light from that of darkness. I mean that we must pay attention to the connection between our own soul, mind, and reality.

And that is also why we must discern what we humans truly should do.

As human beings that amplify the conflict of light and darkness, what we must accomplish in this world is to take the reality of the darkness that arises before us upon ourselves and transform it into light.

When there is pain around us, we accept it and transform it into joy. If there is confusion, we transform it into a new harmony. If things are stagnant, we undertake them and lead them to their original state of vitality. If a reality that can only be called destruction has been created, we transform it into a reality of new creation.

We continue to step forward always keeping this in mind.

This is the function defined as the Human Mission in the Study of the Soul. It is a work and process that is possible only for human beings who connect the two worlds, the two dimensions, and amplify the light and darkness that are there.

Many people may feel the term Human Mission somewhat distant from themselves. But that is not so. The essence of this term is to turn your mind to the realities of less pain, confusion, stagnation, and destruction that surround us, and to be involved in trying to turn them toward the light, even only a little.

I hope that you will give some thought to what you can do to help in the things around you. From there, you can begin your journey toward the Human Mission.

And the same is true for the steps toward creation, which is the theme of this series of articles.

For many people who regard themselves as an ordinary person, the word creation may seem a theme nothing to do with you.

However, that is not true. If a new reality which had not existed before is born in the surrounding circumstances in which you are involved, this fact itself is nothing but an activity of creation no matter how small it is.

(To be continued)

Editor’s Note

1. Bonno

Bonno is originally a Buddhist term, and it refers to all delusional thoughts that bother and aggravate people mentally and physically. The Soul Compass grasps them as tendencies in four types of Bonno that turn our life into darkness. The four types of Bonno are as follows: the tendency of Pain-Recklessness (victim type) that is symbolized by anger and discontent of human beings; the tendency of Pleasure-Lethargy (happy type) that is symbolized by laziness within humans and blind dependency on others; the tendency of Pain-Lethargy (self-deprecating type) that is symbolized by fear and negative thoughts; and the tendency of Pleasure-Recklessness (overconfident type) that is symbolized by greed and controlling others. (Excerpted and summarized from p.105 -107 of How to Solve Equations of Life by Keiko Takahashi; available only in Japanese)

2. Soul’s Aspiration

It is the aspiration of the soul and the energy of light that the soul wants to fulfill at all costs. It is a vision concealed in the soul, that is the “energy of will possessing wisdom.” It can also be said to be the true entity of the soul. (Excerpt from p.144 of How to Solve the Equation of Destiny by Keiko Takahashi, available only in Japanese)

3. Karma

It is the distortions, immaturity, and weaknesses of the soul, as well as the force that prevents the soul from living its aspiration. (Excerpt from p. 65 of How to Solve the Equation of Destiny by Keiko Takahashi, available only in Japanese)

4. Study of the Soul

The Study of the Soul is a system of theory and practice in which we seek a way of life by connecting the visible and invisible dimensions. In contrast to the Study of Phenomena, which science represents by dealing with the materialistic dimension, the Study of the Soul goes beyond that, dealing comprehensively with the materialistic dimension and the invisible dimension of the mind and soul. That is a principle that I have discovered from intensive studies of human beings and the individual life journeys of the many people whom I have met. By looking at the soul, mind, and reality as a whole, we observe human beings and hope to respond to every possible occasion. (Excerpt from p. 42 of How to Make Your Life the Best by Keiko Takahashi)

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