On December 19th (Saturday) and 20th (Sunday), the Golden Path Series Seminar (1st) for professionals in specific fields was held and broadcasted from the GLA General Headquarters main building.

“The Golden Path: Paving a Miraculous Path in the Midst of Desperation”

The Golden Path Series Seminar (1st) was held on December 19-20, for people in the fields of management, medicine, education, and other specialties.

In the midst of an unprecedented trial of the pandemic from the novel coronavirus, approximately 1,300 people, who hoped to find a solution to the problem that no one has experienced and open the door to the future, participated in the event at various venues across Japan and via G. Live (internet live streaming).

The theme of the seminar was “The Golden Path: Paving a Miraculous Path in the Midst of Desperation”.

In this two-day seminar, the participants learned about the Golden Path, a path that allows us to overcome all obstacles no matter how hard the challenges are, and to make everything shine by working backwards from the future goal.

The program began with sharing how Takahashi sensei has been guiding us through this COVID-19 problem. In this unprecedented ordeal, Takahashi sensei has been observing the facts as they are, analyzing them, and drawing out the maximum potential from them, and always taking the initiative in providing clear guidelines.

In order to learn from such a sensei, the participants worked on the worksheets prepared by sensei for this seminar, referring to sensei’s video messages.

The essence of a human being is the soul that harbors eternal life, and the mind and reality is closely connected. Based on the principle that by transforming our inner mind we transform our outer reality, the participants approached serious issues that they were presently facing by taking a perspective that they had never thought of before.

Two days of work on the worksheets guided the participants to a discovery of the Golden Path of their own.

Lecture by Keiko Takahashi sensei — Creating a Mighty Community that Is Based on Bodaishin

The last part of the program was sensei’s lecture.

Sensei took the stage at the main building of the General Headquarters and explained what the Golden Path is, introducing a part of her new book, “The Golden Path,” which will be published in January 2021 (Japanese version only). Furthermore, sensei told us that the Golden Path is guided by Bodaishin (the heart to seek for the real self, to love others, and to contribute to the world harmony), a heart that resonates with the providence of the world, and we must also create a Mighty Community, a resilient community based on Bodaishin, against threats from the world.

After that, sensei invited a male manager to the stage and unraveled the Golden Path that appeared in his long life. Through the practice of Total Life (TL) Human Principles (the Study of the Soul), he was guided at each stage of his life on a straight path like a miracle. His life emitted such a glow that the participants were convinced that the Golden Path could indeed be opened in the actual world.

In closing, sensei called on the participants stating, “Rather than relying solely on external resources, now is the time to focus on internal resources and create the Golden Path as a Golden Path Builder to build a Mighty Community.”

Even in the face of the harsh corona disaster, there is always a path. With this hope in their hearts, participants set out to take on the challenge of opening the Golden Path at their own workplaces.