The 2020 Total Life Human Principles Seminar was held at GLA Headquarters, branches, and G. Live on October 3rd (Saturday) and 4th (Sunday)!

The Power to Know Oneself – Pioneering the Front-Line of the Post-Corona Era

On Oct. 3 (Sat.) – 4(Sun.), the 2020 TL Human Principles Seminar was held at the GLA Headquarters and branches, as well as on internet live streaming (G. Live), for people in management, medicine, education, welfare, and legal affairs, etc. from Japan and abroad.

This seminar has been held every year since 1996, based on Total Life (TL) Human Principles (the study of the soul) advocated by Keiko Takahashi sensei, with the hope of paving the way to address issues and problems in various fields.

This year, the novel coronavirus infection quickly spread throughout the world, and in such an era of unbelievable, where anything can happen, about 1,500 people attended this seminar with a sincere aspiration to know the true meaning of this situation and to learn the wisdom to overcome unprecedented trials. The program on the first day began by watching a video message from Takahashi sensei.

In the video, which served as the keynote of the seminar, sensei explained the purpose of the seminar, saying that she wanted us to find a step of hope in the era of the novel coronavirus by thinking about the future that we must focus on in these times in considering how to face the trials each of one of us is facing.

Sensei has long pointed out that the international order since World War II has been greatly shaken in the last few years, and humanity has begun to search for the next state of the world. And now, in the midst of the conflict over the world standards of the next era, she said that there are preparations for the future that should be made, and called for the time to search for the ideal state of each professional field based on TL Human Principles, in which soul, mind, and reality are linked together as one.

Following to this, sensei presented the theme of this seminar, “The Power to Know Oneself: Pioneering the Front-Line of the Post-Corona Era ” and presented new material sheets for this purpose.

After receiving this message, the participants began to work on the worksheets, referring to sensei’s video messages and practice model.

After that, it was shared how sensei guided people in the field of expertise and took concrete measures against the ordeal of the novel coronavirus from the medical and management aspects.

At the beginning of this year, when the details of the virus were still unknown, sensei began to scrutinize various medical papers and proposed an original diagnostic flowchart for medical professionals, and she introduced thorough infection prevention measures ahead of the government and the medical community. Sensei also offered the Introductory course of the Financial Statements for managers who were facing trials and presented a new way of reading financial statements based on the Study of the Soul.

Watching the way sensei has always been at the forefront of the times, the participants believed that, “This here, is indeed, the world standard for post-corona!” and confirmed their aspirations to be a pioneer in their own field.

On the second day, the participants continued to work on the worksheets and explored specific paths to fulfill their aspirations. In the following plenary session, in order to deepen the paths, everyone learned about the view of humanity that they are souls with eternal life, which is the basis of the Study of the Soul. The sense of urgency that this view of humanity was inevitably necessary to pioneer the front-line of the post-corona era approach, deeply moved each and every person.

Lecture by Takahashi sensei – Opening up the Golden Path as a Pioneer in Each Respective Field

And finally, it was sensei’s lecture. Speaking from the sacred hall of the GLA general headquarters main building, she began her remarks by saying that, just as no one had predicted the global spread of the novel coronavirus, we are now entering the era of unbelievable in which anything can happen, and stated that what the world needs in the midst of this are true problem solvers.

It was revealed that there are three phases necessary to complete the path of solving problems: believe there is a path, find the path, and walk the path, and by doing so, we will be able to open the Golden Path: the miraculous path that appears in the midst of a desperate situation.

In order to pave this path, it was pointed out that it is necessary to connect two cycles, one to cultivate the inner spiritual world (the clockwise cycle) and the other to solve the problems of the outer real world (counterclockwise cycle). Sensei then invited a businessman, who actually walked the Golden Path by connecting these two cycles, to the stage and began to unravel his steps.

Bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers in 2008, and the current corona crisis hit his company. In these crises, he took miraculous steps that opened the best path in the midst of desperate situations. In the background of his management decisions, there was his practice of connecting the mind and reality through the Study of the Soul. And the path with which he was lead to the future as if he had foreseen the future, brought surprise, a deep impression, and unshakable hope to the participants’ hearts, making them think, “I didn’t know there was such a way to open the path!”

At the end, sensei spoke as follows:
—Just as the plague precipitated the dawn of capitalist society and cholera led to the development of public health, the ordeal of the corona crisis is a blueprint for a new era to come. I think it is trying to create people who will open the Golden Path to all fields.—

Then, sensei also called for the 4th THE GATE Series Seminar (tentative title) to be the place to put that into practice and to start a new challenge.

In the Post-Corona Era, I want to open the Golden Path as a pioneer in my field!” Each of the participants with this aspiration headed towards the site of their practice.