The 2020 Kakehashi Seminar Was Held at G. Live on August 1st (Saturday) and 2nd (Sunday)!

Challenging Angels 2020: Challenge for the Future of Post-Corona

On August 1 and 2, the 2020 Kakehashi Seminar for parents and children was held via G. Live (live internet broadcasting) with the participation of more than 800 children (from third graders to high school seniors) and their parents from all over Japan and abroad.

At 1 pm, the program started with a video of the attraction team dancing to the theme song of last year’s Kakehashi Seminar. Afterwards, the MC introduced the theme of the seminar: Challenging Angels 2020: Challenge for the Future of Post-Corona!.

And then, when a fun activity which Takahashi sensei had prepared Treasure HunterTreasure Hunting the Divine Truth Game started, the children were immediately drawn into the seminar. This game was played at appropriate times during the two days of study sessions, and the program progressed in a joyful way while answering these quiz questions.

As the whole world is now facing a huge trial of the spread of the novel coronavirus, everyone first watched a video footage of Takahashi sensei speaking about how we are to live in the post-corona era.

The importance to nurture a heart of light in this era was engraved in us, in order to live the lifework that only that person can fulfill and to live out one’s mission work.

From here, parents and children attended separate sessions.

In the children’s class, they learned about the wonders of the world of the mind by reviewing the lecture given by sensei at last year’s Kakehashi Seminar. Then, to nurture the heart of light and create the reality of light, children worked on the Challenge Sheet that was created by sensei for the children. Youth project (volunteer) members, who were in charge of caring for the children formed on-line groups with the children and held discussions through G. Meet (GLA’s own web meeting system).

In the parent session, amid the drastic changes in the family environment due to the corona pandemic, the participants used the opportunity to take a fresh look at the relationship between parents and children through the Study of the Soul and worked on the Wisdom Sheet (method for resolution and creation) by having one member’s practice as a model case.

The first day ended as parents and children worked on solving problems and creating their future in the post-corona era (an optional program was also held for middle school students to help them get through the entrance exams with the Study of the Soul).

On the second day, parents and children studied together again.

In the Practice Report of the Divine Truth session, three children presented their experiences in how they overcame their ordeals such as entrance exams or relationships with their friends by working on the Challenge Sheet. All of their presentations included experiences in remembering their inner aspiration from when they had met Takahashi sensei at Kakehashi seminars, and challenged their problems with the heart of light.

Afterwards, a recitation play, The Happy Prince (by Oscar Wilde) was broadcasted. The recitation was by Takahashi sensei. The story of a prince and a swallow who devoted themselves to the happiness of others overlapped with the heart of light that they were studying at the seminar, and the play deeply moved the heart of every participant.

Takahashi Sensei’s Lecture and Children’s Vows

After a break, the time came for sensei’s lecture.

Sensei talked about how we are having a different and special summer vacation this year like never before due to the spread of the novel coronavirus.

And sensei indicated that the actions of each person, such as wearing masks, washing hands, etc. are decisive in limiting the risk of infection, and depending on that, the crisis can be overcome.

It is the heart of light that thinks of others that creates this action. The heart of light is a strong mind that overcomes difficulties, overcomes problems and trials, and creates a society where everyone becomes happy. On the contrary, the heart of darkness, which thinks only of oneself, easily gets caught up in difficulties, is weak with problems and trials, and creates a confused and unhappy society. Sensei conveyed that the power of the heart of light is the key to solve the world problems that humanity is facing today, and she showed the importance to fill the entire society with the heart of light through various examples.

In closing, sensei called on the children, who will take over the next generation, as saying “The time has begun for each of you to respond to the world problems. I hope you will devote your life to addressing them.”

Afterwards, there was a time for the children who listened to the lecture to express their overflowing aspirations and vows and sensei listened deeply to each child’s aspiration through the live broadcast screen.

It was an invaluable two days in which a solid foundation was laid in the minds of the children as they head toward the future of the post-corona era.