2022 New Year Gathering will be held on Sunday, January 16th (Osaka), 23rd (Tokyo), and 30th (Nagoya)!

As we are in a time where anything can happen, we should confirm the guidelines for living in the new year.

2022 New Year Gathering will be held on Sun. January 16th (Osaka), Sun.23rd (Tokyo), and Sun.30th (Nagoya), and it will be open to the general public. In a time of the unbelievable, where conventional wisdom and ideas are collapsing and anything can happen, how should we live in the new year?

On the day of the gathering, Keiko Takahashi will give a lecture and enlighten us by giving us guidance. At each venue, each participant will be offered a Divine Truth Card (a card with words of Bodaishin that will guide us throughout the year). We heartily wish to take the first step of the new year embracing an unshakable hope together with you.

All are welcome to attend the 2022 New Year Gathering. All venues are fully prepared with infection measurers, so please join us with no worry.


Doors open 12:00, Starts 13:00, Ends 16:30 (16:00 for broadcast venues)

Sunday, January 16th
Osaka: Osaka International Convention Center

Sunday, January 23rd
Tokyo: Pacifico Yokohama National Convention Hall

Sunday, January 30th
Nagoya: GLA Chukyo Kaikan

How to apply:
Please contact your nearest GLA branch.
If you are a non-member, please contact the GLA headquarters by phone: 03-3843-7001

Admission fee: 3,000 yen

– For more information, please contact your nearest GLA branch.
– The gathering will not be broadcasted through G.LIVE.
– The format of the event may be changed depending on the situation of COVID-19.