2020 Lecture by Keiko Takahashi Presented Live on the Internet!

The power to know oneself

Is the most powerful force of life.

With this force, anyone can get the greatest means

For living in an unpredictable world.

In 1992, “Lecture by Keiko Takahashi“ started in response to the voices of the readers of her books, who wanted to hear the author’s lectures directly. Since then, every year, with a new theme, the lectures have been given in major cities in Japan, and as video presentations overseas. To date, more than 1.4 million people have participated in the lectures.


Sun, Nov. 1

13:00~15:30, 19:00~21:30, 22:00~24:30

(Mon, Nov. 2 )3:00~5:30, 6:00 ~8:30

Sun, Nov. 8

13:00~15:30, 19:00~21:30, 22:00~24:30

Sun, Nov. 15

13:00~15:30, 19:00~21:30, 22:00~24:30

(Mon, Nov. 16 )3:00~5:30

The schedule above is all Japanese Standard Time.
The time of ending is approximate.
Special sessions to watch the lecture in video will be held at some local cities at other dates and times.


If you are interested in those special sessions, please contact about the details. 



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Updated Nov 6, 2020


Keiko Takahashi explains that at the foundation of the many challenges that modern society confronts, lies a hollowing out of the human being as many have lost sight of the origin of their existence as a soul that embodies eternal life. She has developed both a new perspective of human beings and that of the world, which guides the recovery of that origin, compiling them into the Study of the Soul. So that everyone can walk on this path in their daily lives, she has formulated a system of principle and methods for practice.

Takahashi leads GLA, a practicing group of the Study of the Soul, and provides more that 300 lectures and personal guidance a year. She accompanies and guides individuals on their paths, across several demographics and career types, addressing professionals in business management, medicine, education and other fields based upon her insight toward the future of Japan and the world. Providing exceptional dialogue-based guidance that deals with real problems from the dimension of the soul, she has gained the trust of people from all walks of life as a comprehensive consultant in life and work. Keiko Takahashi’s lecture series circuit for the general public has been ongoing since its inception in 1992, with the number of attendants exceeding 1.4 million.

The author’s many major works include: How to Make Your Life the Best; The Reason Why You live There; Reversing Destiny; We Can Change the Future!; The Soul Doctrine as a Way of Life, Your best for a New Era; The Adventure of the Soul; The Path of Prayer (Revised Edition) (all by Sampoh publishing company )


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