Sensei's Current Activity

December 2, 2018 Gathering in Gratitude (Yokohama Arena; broadcast live to 34 locations nationwide)

At the pinnacle of our lives on this earth, the Great Existence prepares for each of us a Chaos that we must crystallize. And for each person, the Great Existence gives the strength—the life conditions, energy, and the source of power—needed to achieve this crystallization. This source of strength that is given to us by heaven, is what I call our “maxima.”

Allow me to remind you of what I have said in this year’s lectures. Remember that small stone in the palm of my hand. Remember, the incredible energy, the life, that hides within a single tomato seedling. A fellow student, the agronomist Shigeo Nozawa, believed that there was strength hidden in all things, and he set about to release that power. The result? A magnificent single tomato plant bearing 17,000 tomatoes.

Can you imagine, just by looking at one tomato, that it should contain within it such power, such life? Our eyes cannot see, nor our hands touch, the life within a tomato. There is no way we can guess, just by looking at a tomato, the life power that it holds within.
It is the same with the “maxima” of life. The “maxima” within each person remains hidden when we lead out lives aimlessly. Once that hidden strength is revealed, however, many will become aware of the incredible potential within each of us.

To crystallize the supreme Chaos of our lives we must avail ourselves of our own inherent “maxima.”

Now then, what is the power that is released when we free our “maxima”? To cause our “maxima” to flower is to respond to the promise between humanity and heaven. When we fulfill this promise, we are blessed by heaven, our life becomes one with heaven’s intent, and we resonate with the universe. When the life of each person on this earth resonates with heaven’s truth, that life is filled with an energy more powerful than any human knowledge.

What happens to us then? Our “maxima” brings about a “universe experience.” Each of us has been given strength, and when we release that strength—that is heaven’s intent, heaven has given us this strength—our strength and heaven echo each other on both macro and micro planes, which is, as I have just explained, the “universe experience,” a phenomenon by which our soul resonates in tandem with the universe.

December 2, 2018 Gathering in Gratitude, Yokohama Arena