GLA Membership Guidance

GLA Membership Guidance

Although the vaccination of coronavirus has progressed and the spread of the infection seems to have calmed down, we understand there are those who are feeling anxious about the future, who are facing various problems at work and with their families, and who are looking for a new way of life as old ways are no longer working.

At GLA, we have the wisdom and methods – the Study of the Soul, to help each one of you to solve various problems and issues you are harboring, as well as to discover and live out the wishes you want to achieve through your life. GLA offers a wide variety of training opportunities and materials to learn this Study of the Soul.

Why don’t you join us and start a new life at GLA?

A New Lifestyle Begins with Membership

At GLA, you will see the way to overcome any trial and create a new life by knowing yourself!

When you become a member of GLA, first you will be able to participate in guidance and training sessions (such as the Welcome Seminar) for new members, where you can learn the basic concepts of the Study of the Soul.
At the same time, you can start studying the Study of the Soul according to your individual lifestyle, interests, and schedule. In this page, we introduce four major study structures including a new lifestyle of GLA members.

You can study at home by yourself.

GLA offers a variety of medium and systems of study, including a monthly magazine for members, a website, audio books, Internet broadcasts, and a video library so that members can learn the Study of the Soul even if you are alone at home.
You can read and watch many of those materials anytime, anywhere, according to your lifestyle, so you can learn the basics of the Study of the Soul at your own pace without difficulties and deepen your understanding.
Through this process of studying, you will nurture the ability to know yourself and be able to draw out your potential while suppressing your limitations. In addition, by creating a central axis in your mind and recharging your energy, your mind and body will be energized so you will be able to face your work, family, and life itself with much liveliness.

You can make friends to whom you can talk openly, and learn how to build new relationships with other people.

Daily Life Group Study is a place where you can enjoy learning the basics of the Study of the Soul . A small gathering will be held about twice a month with a few other members in a place where is convenient for group members such as near your home or office.
In this small group training, you can learn about the Study of the Soul from Takahashi-sensei’s books, videos of her lectures, and monthly magazines, as well as learn how to create new relationships with others through the Study of the Soul ; in other words, you can study the secret of human relationships. Through this study and practice, many people have experienced a dynamic change in their relationships at work and at home.
In addition, through deeper discussion about each member’s life and mutual acceptance, bonds and friendships are nurtured, and you can make true friends with whom you can talk with an open mind.
If you have any questions about GLA or the methods of the Study of the Soul , please feel free to ask a leader of your group.

* At present, these Daily Life Group Study sessions are held in different styles, (1) in private homes, GLA halls and terminals, etc., with thorough infection protection measures in place, (2) online meeting by using web communication tools, and (3) a Hybrid style of both.

You can live with confidence in a guideline of lifestyle based on the Study of the Soul, and its view of humanity and the world.

At GLA, once you become a member you will be able to listen to lectures by Takahashi-sensei directly on a regular basis throughout the year and learn the latest wisdom of the Study of the Soul (Such as the Sacred Day Gatherings and Lecture by Keiko Takahashi).
Through these opportunities, each of us will be able to live not only with a guideline of how to live, but also with a solid view of humanity and the world. In time, this will lead to a sense of living with Something Great, an existence greater than human beings.
Because this is such an unstable time now, when the future is uncertain and it is hard to know what will happen, this way of life can become a power for each of us to open up our lives.

※At present, the Sacred Day Gatherings are held in GLA halls and terminals under strict infection protection measures, and people can also attend from home through Internet live broadcasting.

In addition, GLA offers a variety of other training programs and seminars, such as a place for those who want to learn and practice the Study of the Soul in depth (Global GENESIS Project Study), age-based study sessions and seminars that address particular themes and problems specific to each stage in the life cycle (childhood, young adulthood, the middle-age, and old age), training and seminars for professionals in specific fields such as management, medicine, and education, training to grasp the mind with the mind (Shikan Sheet Study Session), and training to look at our life from a bird’s eye view and to approach the real theme of one’s life (Life History Seminar).
It is our sincere hope that you will be able to attend a seminar that matches your theme and interests, and that you will be able to unlock your own wishes and potential and obtain the key to open up your life and reality.

Protecting each member’s LifeDaily LifeLife Activities, and Soul
A variety of support systems for members.

In the event of disasters, GLA has a variety of support systems in place to ensure that each member’s life, daily life, life activities, and soul are protected, and that members can overcome challenges and develop a new life at any time.

GLA hosts weddings and funerals based on the view of humanity and the view of the world through the Study of the Soul. There, above all, what is most important and emphasized is to bloom the hidden essential meaning in these events of life’s turning points.

How to become a GLA member

1. How to become a GLA member

  • You can become a GLA member at any of our gatherings, or at the local headquarters or terminal of the GLA in your area.
  • In addition, for online membership application via Internet, please see: 3. Membership Application.
  • If you are a high school student or 16 years old or older (minors must have the consent of a parent or guardian), you are eligible to join GLA.
  • As a general principle, we ask to have the membership application process completed by the person who will become a member, not represented by others. However, if you live far from the local GLA facilities or have other difficult conditions such as an illness, we are happy to consult with you, so please contact the GLA local headquarters listed below in advance.

2. About Membership Fees

  • We ask for an admission fee of 3,000 yen and a monthly membership fee of 1,000 yen. The membership fee is an important resource for the operation and maintenance of GLA.
  • When you become a member of GLA, you will receive GLA’s monthly journal, G. magazine (the subscription fee for G. magazine is included in the membership fee).
  • The membership fee can be paid by bank transfer or other payment methods (details of the membership fee will be explained at the process to become a member; please see section 3(3)).

3. Membership Application

(1) Please read How to become a GLA member in advance.

  • Please read and fully understand the How to become a GLA member section here before proceeding to (2) Fill out the Contact Form. If you have not yet read it thoroughly, please take a moment to do so.

(2) Please fill out the Contact Form

  • If you are interested in joining and being a member of GLA, please click For Membership Application, please fill out the Contact Form button below to go to the Contact Form page, fill out the form and submit it. A person from the GLA local headquarters or terminal in your area will contact you.

(3) Introduction to be a GLA member and application procedure

  • Please come to the GLA’s halls or terminals for a brief explanation and procedure.
  • For other ways to apply for a membership, please contact the GLA local headquarters or terminal near your residence.

For the location and contact information of the GLA local headquarters, click here.