Compass of the Times 211

Compass of the Times 211

The Steps That Lead to the Best Achievements

Keiko Takahashi

This Is an Era That Seeks the Golden Path

The 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games are over after a year’s delay, and we are now entering the season in which I give my fall lecture.

I am sure that many of our members have already received the completed version of the lecture pamphlets.

This year’s lecture will have the theme of “The Golden Path: To Open the Post-COVID-19 World.”

In the world that is slowly regaining stability after much turmoil, we must look to the future and move forward.

The more difficult are the times in which we face continuous trials, the more we need the Golden Path. I believe that the way of thinking of the Golden Path, and the way of living that leads to it, will be the catalyst for a great opening.

When we have a problem or have a theme we want to achieve, no matter how difficult the solution and creation may seem, there is always a path somewhere to make them realized.

We accept the reality in front of us, our current location, as Chaos that has no form, outline, or result; a mixture of the factors of possibilities and limitations. Then, we must find the blueprint, which is what Chaos is originally supposed to be, and set our destination for which we should head. Of course, in many cases, the destination is far from the current location where we stand. It is the power of the mind that carries the situation from the current location to the destination. We transform our Ju-Hatsu-Shiki (Reception-Transmission-Reality)2 of dark transformation into that of light transformation1, generate the inner power that promotes new crystallization, and continue to head for the destination.

When we continue to follow the laws of the universe and nature and eventually come into alignment with the Divine Truth, we, in unison with the whole world, will resonate together, and the phenomenon that is called collaboration in resonance with the universe3 will occur. In the midst of this resonance, the Golden Path will open up that will make everything shine, the path in which we think, “This is the only way possible.”

This year’s lecture will be held in the hopes of introducing the Golden Path to the lives of all participants. I hope that the lecture will be the beginning of a new future for as many people as possible.

Making the Best Efforts into the Best Achievements

In the pamphlet provided with my lecture, as a response to the current theme, I have included a subtitle, “This Is an Era That Seeks the Golden Path.”

What I wish to convey in this short article is that the Golden Path is a way that makes our best efforts into our best achievements.

The best effort would be the one that we always seek. We do not know if we can do it or not or what the outcome will be. But what we can do is to give it our best effort.

The outcome involves fortune we cannot control or unexpected interdependent occurrences. Human beings cannot control such occurrences the way we wish to; therefore, we have no choice but to do the best we can in each moment.

I am sure that we have all thought this way.

However, for those of us who have irreplaceable aspirations and visions, outcomes are the ones that we cannot ignore. And we should not ignore them.

In addition, it is important to consider that this does not mean “it is sufficient as long as you are making an effort.” To “devote yourself completely” is important above all, but it is just one of the steps. If you have a goal that “you really want to achieve,” you cannot finish it merely with the conclusion that “you have made your effort.”

This is because even when we think of effort, the reality that comes from it can be as different as heaven and earth, depending on what kind of effort it is.

Nothing would be so regrettable as when the effort we put forth, day after day, with all our heart and soul, does not crystallize into the best possible path.

As I wrote in the pamphlet, the attitude of “Do your best and leave the rest to Providence” is the most beautiful mindset.

However, the Golden Path brings us the power that is tantamount to transcending this mindset and pulling Providence onto our side. It is a path that optimizes our efforts and leads us to our best achievements.

I believe most strongly the importance of continuing to seek such a Golden Path in our own lives.

Editor’s Note

1. Transformation of Darkness and Transformation of Light

Transformation of darkness means to transform reality into pain, confusion, stagnation, and destruction. Transformation of light means to transform reality into that of light, filled with creation, vitality, harmony, and joy. (Excerpted and summarized from page 104 of Your Best for a New Era)

2. Ju-Hatsu-Shiki

Ju is Reception, in which we perceive events that occurred in reality (external world) into our mind (internal world). Hatsu is Transmission, in which we interact with the external world after Reception. Shiki is a Buddhist term that refers to visible realities or the external world such as incidents and events, including people. As long as we live, human beings continue to rotate this cycle of Ju-Hatsu-Shiki and keep producing realities, even if we are not aware of it. (Excerpted from pages 66-67 of The Glossary of the Divine Truth 2012; currently available only in Japanese)

3. Collaboration in Resonance with the Universe

When we act to live in harmony with the laws of life, the laws of the universe, and of nature, we gain the power to change our reality. We are able to solve various problems and change the reality of darkness into that of light. Not only that, when we purify our minds, foster our mind’s power of reception and transmission, and enter into perfect harmony with those laws, we are able to resonate with the essence of the universe and of nature. It is a resonance with the dimension that is the origin of the universe, with the Great Existence that watches over and sustains everything. Resonance means to work together as if frequencies vibrate at the same rate until they become one. (Excerpted from pages 44-45 of The Golden Path; currently available only in Japanese)