Compass of the Times 234

Compass of the Times 234

Resonating with the Universe

Keiko Takahashi

Put Aside Preconceived Notions and Reexamine Yourself

September has finally arrived after we somehow managed to get through the extremely hot August. How are you all doing? I hope that you take precautions against heat stroke, as the lingering heat is still intense.

September marks a small milestone in the year because, if you are a student, you start a new semester this month. We have four months from now to the end of the year. I hope that you will all review each step you have taken so far so that you can accomplish what you aimed to do this year.

What do you think is necessary to do so? I believe that the first thing we must do is to renew our thoughts and feelings. One of the pillars to renewing our thoughts and feelings is to reexamine ourselves once again by putting aside our preconceived notions about our self and the images we have about our possibilities and limitations. If we do so, we can take the first step to a new self.

We Are “Cosmic Beings”

What I wish to do this time is to accept ourselves as cosmic beings. I would like to take on the challenge of breaking down our preconceived notions of who we are to expand our possibilities.

Humans are cosmic beings. You may have the impression that these words are outlandish. If you think about it again, however, it is not so far-fetched.

All life, including humans, originated in the universe. Our bodies are made of the matter that makes up the universe and nothing else.

We humans are organisms with the most complex organs among all life forms that have appeared in the extraordinary endless flow of time.

The process of life’s evolution on planet Earth —from simple protists to primates, including humans—is full of boundless wonder. The birth of human beings in this universe would never have happened without a series of improbable miracles.

For example, it is a wonder that the magnitude of gravity and the age of the universe are what they are today. If gravity were stronger or weaker than it is now, or if the universe were too old or too young, it would have been difficult for many life forms and human beings to come into being.

The more humans unravel the mysteries of the universe, the more it becomes clear that the various physical constants that make up the universe create the ideal environment for the birth of life and the creation of human beings that are complex life forms. As I have mentioned several times, it appears as if this universe exists to give birth to human beings.

In other words, humans and the universe are more deeply connected than we think. In every sense of the word, we are nothing but cosmic beings.

Collaborate in Resonance with the Universe Every Day

Given that we are such existences, we can, in fact, say that all our actions and activities are inseparable from the universe.

What we do without being aware, such as breathing, standing up, and walking, are insignificant actions, but we need the entire universe to execute each action. Precisely because the universe is as it is now, we can repeat those actions as a matter of course.

These facts themselves are an aspect of our collaboration in resonance with the universe. We can do those things only with the help of the universe.

The same is true of our individual lives. We can only live our lives with the foundation called the universe. Within that universe, we meet people, form relationships, and instill new experiences in our souls. We experience suffering that we have never experienced before, but at the same time we discover a way of life that we have never known before and savor a new spiritual state.

All of this is possible with the foundation of the universe, and each moment is echoing with the universe. In other words, we have the entire universe on our side.

Furthermore, if we wish to open up a miraculous path of overcoming major trials and achieving unprecedented creation, it is, all the more necessary for us to accumulate each step of resonance collaboration through its intense echoing within the universe.

Excerpt Translation of G. Monthly Journal September 2023 issue
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