Compass of the Times 188

Compass of the Times 188

The Turn of the Internal Cycle

Keiko Takahashi

Daily Requirements

It is now November, and we only have two months left until the end of this year. I suppose some might say, “I have only just noticed—it’s November already!” To that extent, our life moves at a fast pace every day.

From when we wake up in the morning till when we go to bed at night, we face a stream of requests to which we have to respond.

Every morning when arriving at their wo「kplace, some may review the tasks they performed up to yesterday, and think of today’s schedule and make new work arrangements. They may prepare reports and proposals, and further, attend many meetings. Sometimes they may visit customers to sell new products or ask support for business.
The situation may vary depending on the type or assignments of the business, but all those who are in business must face a constant flow of things to do, one after another.
Even if you are a student, the situation is the same as you work hard to respond to various requirements of daily classes, lab work, or conducting experiments.

The Path of Life in the Explicit and the Implicit Systems

However, no matter how much we immerse ourselves in a busy lifestyle, we cannot deeply feel the meaning of our life by merely responding to its daily requirements. Our hearts will never be fulfilled in a true sense by living a life that seems to drift in a superficial reality.

We have just reflected on our daily life, such as where we live, what company we work for, what job assignment we are consumed with, when and what meeting we attend, and what company we visit during a business deal.

Each of these represents a different scene in our daily life and which belong to the dimension of reality. These are the things about which we can explicitly describe, such as the specific events that happen and the results that are produced.

What happens in the dimension of reality is glaringly obvious to anyone’s eyes as if it were brightly illuminated under sunlight. In that sense, we can call this the dimension of reality, the dimension of the phenomenal world, or in other words, the Explicit System. The Explicit System means the realm that is clearly recognized by human beings and refers to the physical world that spreads outside of us.

In contrast, what happens inside of us are activities that look like things illuminated faintly by the dim light of the moon at dark night, and we should call it the Implicit System.

The footprints we leave behind us when continuously responding to requests day after day can be called a life engraved in the Explicit System.

If that is so, there is another life for us, which is called a life engraved in the Implicit System.

What exists there, are the way we have made our minds to function through life, and what we have engraved in our soul. Furthermore, it transcends the single life and is how our soul has lived through transmigration. Also etched there, are how the light and darkness harbored in our soul have been manifested, how our soul has achieved its evolution and development to respond to its themes, and what kind of invisible connections have been born and spread by the activities of our mind and soul.

What is important is that only by responding to the path of life in the Implicit System can we feel for the first time the meaning of our life in depth. It means that our hearts will be fulfilled in a true sense only through living in a deep layer of life.

Turn the Internal Cycle

There is something necessary for us to do in order to walk on the path of the Implicit System.

Since the 20th century, humanity has gained significant progress and wealth through technological development. It can be said to be the result of the continuous turning of the external cycle that explores the material world.

However, how about the internal cycle that explores the spiritual world? It is no exaggeration to say that we have rarely turned it.

Can we not say that such an imbalance has pushed the lives of individuals to a superficial reality and taken away the deep purpose and significance of life?

Not only that, it can be said that it has caused various issues that humanity now has, such as environmental problems and disparities.

Now is the time we turn our eyes to a life engraved in the Implicit System. By doing so, we must be the first ones who begin turning the internal cycle.