About GLAWhat is GLA?

GLA wants every person to awaken and aspire to fulfill their individual mission, for the creation of a shining, revitalized world. GLA members do this through the study and practice of the Study of the Soul advocated by Keiko Takahashi.

What we must become aware of now
is that the world is moving to create a new era
through the efforts of anonymous people,
through each and every one of us.

The time has come for all who live in this same age
To push open a new gate to the future.

--from Keiko Takahashi’s Your Best for a New Era

Keiko Takahashi

As GLA’s leader, Keiko Takahashi gives lectures and provides personal guidance over 300 times a year and is a prolific writer of materials directed at helping people to discover and fulfill the potential of their inner soul.
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Members' Voices

GLA members undertake the challenge to draw forth their own best potential that is dormant within their lives so as to resolve the pain and problems of family, workplace, and society and create a new future.

Bus company CEO

We were able to take over deficit-ridden bus routes abandoned by the major bus companies and revive access to underpopulated areas. My aspiration is to link regions and connect people. – Bus company CEO

Director of a medical facility for disabled children

We practice medicine that acknowledges children’s souls. We are encouraged by how this approach has brought improvement of seemingly intractable symptoms and has helped to strengthen the bonds between parent and child. – Director of a medical facility for disabled children

Horseback riding club owner and director of the Retired Horse Association

After my husband died, I had to take over our business. It wasn’t easy to change from homemaker to business manager, but we have been able to pay off all our major debts and are now providing support services to allow retired horses to live out their lives. – Horseback riding club owner and director of the Retired Horse Association

CEO of a wheelchair manufacturing and sales company

We manufacture made-to-order electric wheel chairs for the physically disabled and send wheelchairs to countries throughout Asia.
This is work that fulfills my soul’s desire. – CEO of a wheelchair manufacturing and sales company

Visiting nurse station director

We operate a cafe for preventing dementia, in keeping with Keiko Takahashi’s call to provide nursing care that is rooted in the community and directed at the future. – Visiting nurse station director

Former ski jump athlete and current ski jump coach

Precisely because I have overcome two major trials, a life-threatening accident and the death of my beloved wife, I feel compelled to encourage those around me. – Former ski jump athlete and current ski jump coach

CEO of a rope and industrial materials sales company

We had been in the rope wholesale business for generations only to fall on hard times. But by practicing people-centered management, we were able to overcome our difficulties. Today our company has been reborn into a rope-manufacturing company. – CEO of a rope and industrial materials sales company

Homemaker and mother

We adopted my sister-in-law’s son after she died, but our relationship has been rocky. After learning about the way our minds are linked to reality, I changed my approach and we are now as close to each other as any real parent and child. – Homemaker and mother


Studies and Activities

GLA offers different approaches tailored to the ages and lifestyles of its members to learn and practice the tenets of the Study of the Soul.

Nationwide gatherings

Gatherings to learn the Study of the Soul are held simultaneously throughout Japan six times a year.

Age-based retreats

Study sessions appropriate for different age groups and life stages—from preschool children, teenagers, and youths to the middle aged and elderly—are held in the Yatsugatake mountains and elsewhere.

Global workshops

Inside and outside Japan, members attend lectures and participate in weekly study sessions held throughout the year as well as twice-a-month group meetings.

Professional seminars

GLA offers focused seminars for people in business, medicine, education, welfare, and the legal professions.


GLA stands for “God Light Association.” It is GLA’s mission for everyone to be able to accomplish their individual aspiration and to contribute to world harmony under the guidance of the light of God, the Great Existence.

The nation-wide Keiko Takahashi lectures (presented in the autumn) and the New Year Gatherings (January through March) may be attended by anyone. Also open to the public are lectures by practitioners of the Study of the Soul, readings of Keiko Takahashi’s latest publications, Seinenjuku Cafes (informal gatherings for youth), and Total Life Human Principle Seminars held every autumn for professionals in business, medicine, education and other areas. See the official GLA website for details.

You can hear her speak at the Keiko Takahashi lectures (autumn), New Year Gatherings (January), and Total Life Human Principle Seminars (autumn) for professionals in the field of business, medicine and education. See the official GLA website for details.

You will find people of all ages and representing a wide range of professions including business, medicine, education, welfare, law, and the arts. Everyone sets aside their social standing and functions to open up to each other as individual persons and work together on their studies to acquire the wisdom they need to transform their lives.

For us it is most important that each and every person exist as a totality of “soul, mind and reality.” Each of us was born into this world with a soul that has a mission. We need to remind ourselves of our soul’s mission, transform our mind by fulfilling that mission, and thereby overcome our many trials and find solutions to society’s ills in a manner that will lead to the creation of a new reality. To this end, we devote ourselves to the study and daily practice of the Study of the Soul advocated by Keiko Takahashi.

The GLA Network

In Japan, GLA has one general headquarters, eight district headquarters and 110 sub-branches known as “terminals.” Overseas, GLA has hubs in the United States (San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, and Atlanta), Brazil and Australia, and also holds gatherings in the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Taiwan, and Korea.

GLA General Headquaters
2-18-3 Kaminarimon, Taito-ku, Tokyo 111-0034
Tel.: 03-3843-7001
Opening hours: 10:00-17:00 (closed on Monday)

What's New

New book by Keiko Takahashi

How to Make Your Life the Best: The Secret of Great Chaos.
Once every decade our lives are plunged into Great Chaos. In this book, Keiko Takahashi explains how to make the best choices under these circumstances to transform our lives for the better.
Available in bookstores throughout Japan and online (only in Japanese). To order online.