3 Types of Awareness

The 3 Types of Awareness are the wisdom and the spiritual state that are essential for us to fulfill our aspirations or ambitions. They are the Awareness of Foolishness, Awareness of Saha (World of Suffering), and Awareness of Blessings.

The Awareness of Foolishness is, to become aware of our foolishness, insufficiencies, and of that which we weren’t able to fully respond. And precisely because of this awareness, we can always through sincere effort, work hard to continually change and improve ourselves.

The Awareness of Saha (World of Suffering, ‘忍土の自覚’ in Japanese) is, to deeply accept the fact that this world is a place where things do not go as we wish, and is a place that we have to tolerate and endure, as is symbolized in the Japanese kanji character ‘忍’ — “sword” on top of “mind”. If this awareness deepens, an unwavering mind will be nurtured within us with which we can accept situations, thinking, “Whatever happens is of no wonder”.

The Awareness of Blessings is, a heart with which we can be thankful even toward trials and hardships. And this Awareness of Blessings has a close connection to the other two types of awareness.

Since we have the Awareness of Blessings, we cannot look down on ourselves over our foolishness. Instead, we strive to look ahead with sincere effort. Also, even when we touch upon the reality of Saha, we will not become nihilistic, but have the hope from within ourselves to stand up once again and confront reality.

In other words, the 3 Types of AwarenessAwareness of Foolishness, Awareness of Saha, and Awareness of Blessings — are one spiritual state made up of the three interrelated to one another. And when one type of awareness deepens, the other two types of awareness also deepen.

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